Morning by Nancy Glazier

. Giclee on Canvas - Artist Proof
Dimensions: 16 x 24
Release Date: 8-2008
Code: NGL065GIAPR1624 - NGL065
Edition Size: 25
Issue Price: $650.00


. Giclee on Canvas - Signed & Numbered
Dimensions: 16 x 24
Release Date: 8-2008
Code: NGL065GISNU1624 - NGL065
Edition Size: 250
Issue Price: $550.00


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Tell Me More

"This painting of elk depicts my favorite country (the northwest), favorite season (fall), and favorite time of day (morning), if a viewer feels the energy of 'Morning', that's where it comes from...I could feel the crackling air, and the sun beginning to melt frost while I painted, and hope to have transferred these memories,(in a way that I cannot explain, and am continually amazed at) into this painting. My absolutely prime focus, as an artist, is on LIGHT and atmosphere, with, barely second to that, a desire to bring the animals and people in my paintings to vivid life, with particular interest in relationships and interactions. I am also allowing myself the joy of looser brushwork, especially in the background, and exciting three-dimensional textures in the foreground, helping to set off the closer focus on the animals and people who are at the heart of what I do. In the past 10 years I have been trying many new things artistically, including learning to paint with both left and right hands (not together!),and greatly expanding my color palette. If I had to put myself within a statement, it would be something like this: "This artist desires to bring light and joy into people's lives, cultivating it first within herself, by continually seeking excellence of expression."

 - Nancy Glazier

About The Artist

Nancy Glazier is passionate about her art and the subject of her art. This passion is evident in the way she paints and the way she lives – they are inseparable.

Surrounded by mountain beauty and the animals the artist loves to paint, Glazier says, “I feel a kinship with the animal that grows as the painting progresses. There is a powerful chemistry at work. People ask me, ‘Which is your favorite animal to paint?’ I can tell you it is always the very animal I am painting at the time." For Glazier, it is “…a warm, living, breathing process that brings me back again and again to the easel. It is my ultimate reward.”

Many of the artist’s admirers and collectors consider Glazier to be an extraordinary artist whose paintings seem “alive.” For her, this is warm praise, because she desires to share what she experiences through her paintings. She hopes the viewer, too, will feel the warmth of the sun or the crisp chill of winter, smell the sage and dust, or hear the bellow of the bison.

Glazier knew she wanted to be an artist from early childhood. In her teens, she lived in Wyoming where she immersed herself in the rugged, western terrain. There she was mentored and taught by artist Adolph Spohr, who gave her private instruction and taught her how a professional uses paint and brush…how to observe and self-correct. The artist’s style evolved over time. After seeing a dramatic photograph of a grizzly, she was awakened to a desire to paint animals “close up and hair-by-hair.” The artist has taken hands-on anatomy classes that enable her to paint an amazingly accurate portrait of an animal from its bone structure to muscles to hair, bringing it life on her canvas.

The artist enjoys much success as one of today’s most talented wildlife painters. Her original works are represented by one of America’s leading galleries. Her paintings have been featured at prestigious shows throughout the country, and two of her works hang in the Museum of Church History and Art in Salt Lake City.

Glazier and her husband reside in an idyllic setting in Nevada where a spacious studio allows her to create her extraordinary paintings and continue her journey of discovery to capture “the whole picture.”

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