Skull Cove by Phillip Philbeck

. Giclee on Canvas - Artist Proof
Dimensions: 12 x 30
Release Date: 6-2008
Code: PPH003GIAPR1230 - PPH003
Edition Size: 25
Issue Price: $495.00

. Giclee on Canvas - Signed & Numbered
Dimensions: 12 x 30
Release Date: 6-2008
Code: PPH003GISNU1230 - PPH003
Edition Size: 295
Issue Price: $395.00


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Tell Me More

A friend and I decided to take a trip to Hilton Head and Charleston, S.C. It was just before July 4, the weather was that typical sweet Carolina summer, lots of happy vacationers and gas was still relatively cheap. Many associate Hilton Head with high-end developments and houses, but there are still many natural scenic sites there. The best way to find them is to ask the local folk, and it seemed Skull Cove was mentioned more than once. After taking many wrong turns and 45 minutes longer to get there than it should've, we found it. This area is a beautiful marshy one. I'm just guessing, but it seems the name may have come from from the many old fishing boats that were dragged there to just sit or rot (like skulls and bones) and become a fish hangout. I remember hopping off the pier into the marsh grass and hearing the clickety click of the small crabs scurrying about because I disturbed their afternoon siesta.
During the course of working on the painting, I decided that someone fishing would be a nice addition. Being that it was around 10:00A.M.(everyone at work), and I couldn't think of any old salt to call and model, I decided that I would be just as good as anybody. So that's just what I did. There I am in overalls and hip-waders. I'm wearing a red shirt to add a splash of color.                                                                                                       - Phillip Philbeck   DF

About The Artist

North Carolina is the home of renowned landscape painter Phillip Philbeck.His subjects, mountains, rolling piedmont, and coastal views, hold great appeal with magnificent vistas, wide sandy shores, wonderful spring and fall foliage. Born in Washington, D.C., but a resident since very early childhood and presently living in rural Rutherford County, the artist enjoys the surroundings in which he grew up and is inspired to paint its farms, streams, ponds, coast or anything to which he feels an emotional attachment.Painting from his comfortable studio in his home, the artist only has to venture outside to find inspiration for his next landscape.

Philbeck’s canvases reveal his immense talent in a profusion of details, and he is especially known for the skies in his images."The sky sets the basic tone for my landscapes,” states the artist.Textures, shapes, and contrasts derived from many of nature’s wonders are painted in vibrant colors; with interesting juxtaposition, the artist bathes his scenes in a dramatic light and atmosphere.Although Philbeck very much admires realism, he has a tendency toward the romantic, emotional types of images such as the Hudson River School brought forth.

Growing up, the artist drew and painted whenever he could.With a heritage of an artistic and creative family, Philbeck’s father, who also painted, encouraged his son and nurtured the budding artist’s talents.Although basically self-taught, young Philbeck attended college where he was mentored by instructors who saw a passion and talent that they encouraged the artist to pursue.At the age of only 24, Philbeck began publishing limited edition prints, with many releases having sold out.

Philbeck has a natural attraction to familiar places and things.He recalls fondly exploring the wooded landscapes of neighboring hills and mountains of his childhood, and he puts these many memories on his canvases.The artist’s greatest enjoyment comes from knowing that viewers can relate to his paintings or be taken back to a time when nature was a new, awe-inspiring adventure.

When he is not painting, Philbeck enjoys constructing his own stretchers for his canvases and also possesses the talent to create frames for some of his paintings.The artist sometimes enjoys relaxing moments creating music with his guitar.

Join Phillip Philbeck in appreciating all that nature offers.Come to the mountains and piedmont and enjoy the spring and the fall. Take in the glorious coastlines. And all other times when the landscape blooms anew or when the fall colors take your breath away or the smell the salt air brought by gentle breezes from the ocean.Take in the beautiful landscapes created by this very talented artist.

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